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Every company has felt the effects of a poor hiring decision: non-performance, low morale and increased costs. Companies appreciate their most valuable resources -- their people, and the productivity and profitability good people generate.

Selecting people can not be done randomly nor haphazardly, particularly when special people with special skills are required. The selection process is just that ... a process.

An efficient process requires not only a through knowledge of your job duties and responsibilities; but an understanding of your corporate structure, values and culture. 

Simply identifying the candidate does not complete the process, nor is our service complete. We can be helpful in salary/contract negotiations, relocation consultation, dealing with counter-offers, and other sensitive issues that may arise.

Because the Selection Process requires teamwork, we consider that relationship to be a Partnership. While this process is an action, we are dedicated to a common agenda -- the successful recruitment of your new, most valuable contributor. Let us demonstrate our sense of urgency, professionalism and commitment to your organization.

WYLAN LLC believes in the Partnership concept and we are anxious to join you in your recruiting efforts.







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